The Bay Lady II, built in 1984 by “Washburn and Doughty” in Woolwich, Maine, is the largest and safest schooner in the passenger trade plying Cape Cod waters.

Her traditional gaff ring is reminiscent of the old fishing schooners that sailed the waters of Provincetown during the earlier part of this century. 

When the engine is turned off and 2,230 sq.ft. of sail fill with wind, the Bay Lady II glides quietly across the Bay with the grace and beauty only found on a sailing vessel. Each trip is unique as the varied moods of the wind, sky, and set combine to create an ever-changing panorama, accompanied by the sounds of wind in the rigging and the lapping of water against her hull. 

The Schooner is berthed at her own float near the end of Macmillan Pier in the heart of Provincetown and makes several trips daily, including a spectacular sunset sail: Provincetown being one of the few places on the east coast where the sun can be seen setting in the west over a body of water. 

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